So how do I do this you ask? Well it is all simple, tedious, and boring at the same time. This is what I like!

Hardware: Digital Rebel XT, on a homebuilt PC that has lots of RAM.

Software: Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady.

My Process:
        To take the picture I usually stand in front of the bathroom mirror and shoot the picture of myself. The camera is set up to autoflash/auto focus and is hand focused on its shortest length.
After a week of images have been collected I save all of the images to my computer. In photoshop I register all of the images to points on my face and only make scale and position changes. I do not alter the images in any other way. After all of the images have been layered together the file is exported to ImageReady. This is where I collate the images, set timers, and optimize them for website browsing. The optimized file is then saved and uploaded to this website, myspace, and other locations.
        I feel the animation is much more interesting at this point of the project. I forsee that as the shear quantity of images grows I will have to alter this process. The files sizes will become much too large for normal web browsing and will have to be broken down into small pieces. From the file sizes I have now four months looks to be the cap of each web animation. I will always have a root file containing all of the images and the full animation in .gif format. I am currently on the search to find a more feasible file format to construct the animations and I believe that may be "flash." I do not know flash but when I get time over the summer I will look into it.
-Alan (4/25/06)