This project started the day after my 27th birthday out of nowhere really... I got up and took a picture of myself while standing in front of the bathroom mirror. I guess it was a check to see that I still existed and to see the status of things.

        The next day I did it again and compared the two pictures and began to think about how I saw myself in the mirror. How the human brain perceives itself is interesting. I think it can edit what you see on the fly much like photoshop. Looking into the mirror and looking at a photograph of yourself is a totally different experience. So I decided to continue photographing myself for a week. That week turned into two weeks and so on. I think someone once said if you do something everyday for a week it becomes a habit. I am a creature of habit... ask anyone that knows me really well. I hate to change. I think it is the changes I see from photograph to photograph that intrigues me. I also love to compare, analyze, and document... I am very process based.

        After a month of shooting pictures I wasn't really sure what the hell I was going to do with all of them. I wanted a better way to view the images and the idea of time lapse films stuck in the back of my mind for another couple of weeks. I figured out how to animate all of the images (explained in the HOW? section) and this website is the product. The habit like process is what drives all of my artwork. The repetition, the muscle memory, and the trance like state is what my work gives me. Am I obsessive compulsive? I really don't care... I harness it and it works for me. Why should I cure something that isn't broke? As a result of all of this, the product of the process is what you get. I think a good definition for "Art" is...
"Art: The commodified product of compulsion."
Or maybe it isn't so good... I'll leave that up to the historians to sort it out.