Kristin Skees

The various roles we assume, archetypes we identify with, and patterns we fit or outgrow, continually define and redefine how we perceive ourselves and how we are perceived by others.  Inevitably, the various facets of our self identity can be conflicting. 

My work currently explores my new role as a wife and the expectations (both real and imaginary) that come with the acquisition of a husband.  Particularly, I use imagery from the home and from weddings to create a personal narrative of the incorporation of this new identity into my own image of self.

As an artist I work in materials that have particular meaning. In the past I have worked in cast metal, ceramic, steel, photography, video, lima beans, shoe polish, knitted yarn, and performance.  I do not limit myself to a particular method, material, or genre.  In my work, the materials and processes I choose speak as much about the concept as the form.